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Logistics Network and Public Transport!

Hello guys! (•ω•)

Public transit would sound like the next civil service to be added into My Colony...
If I guessed right.

Besides some ideas for the public transit, I also have some thoughts on something similar - Logistics network, which is essential for flow of materials and goods, especially important for industrial supply lines.

Furthermore, it’ll give your wheels more purpose other than assembling rovers.

Here we go.

Notes: different colour of the texts represents they are from different civilizations. As follows: Humans (includes both United Earth and League of Independent States), Zolarg Empire, Alpha Draconains.

Public Transit
Basically like the medical and security services, they serve the colonists around them, which increases the commute length rating of residential buildings around.
  • <Bus Depot>
    Standard form of public transit, carrying colonists around your colony. Requires wheels to keep running.
    Ignore the bus stations, a bus depot is enough to bring your buses under service.
  • <Taxi Depot>
    Taxis can serve as a very early stage public transport... with limited passnager capacity. Also consumes wheels as bus depots do, but at a relatively less amount.
  • <Metro Entry>
    The difference with the previous two public transits is, now it requires no wheels, but demands more electricity.
  • <VaccumExpress Station>
    VaccumExpress is a new kind of maglev train, which it runs inside vaccum tubes to minimalize air resistance, allowing travelling at a very high speed.
  • <Relay Post>
    Take a ride on the large beetles and it’ll take you to the destination.
  • <Shortcut Tunnel Network Entry>
    You don’t have to take land routes all the time. Now you have underground shortcuts, accessing to anywhere quickly.
  • <Portal Control Hub>
    Alpha Draconains even utilizes global-range portals to teleport themselves between local locations - every den and slum are installed with at least one portal. Of course, to teleport colonists safely and accuately, you’ll need a control centre.

Logistic Network
Logistic network is a supply utility. These networks are needed by heavy duty or large industrial buildings in order to operate smoothly.
  • <Logistics Centre>
    A fleet of transport trucks will provide logistic support to heavy duty industries. Consumes a large amount of wheels.
  • <Industrial Metro Depot>
    Make use of metro system to transport goods around the industrial areas.
  • <Transit Tube Cluster>
    Transit tubes does not require many technicians to operate, but it is a very fast mean of logistic transport.

What do you think about these ideas?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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