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GBT Updates

I have heard a lot lately about the GBT and auto trade, so here are a few ideas.
1. The GBT is filled up with huge 100mil or 500 contracts, making it impossible to get what you want
What you could do is make a filter for contracts so you can see certain sized contracts. Also, with auto trade, I would maybe like a way to edit how much I trade and when I trade it, so I am not losing productivity to it only trading 1/10 of my storage, very slowly. Also, when you buy through auto-trade, I would like to adjust that too to where you can set it to what you want.

2. Another thing is that I feel that the insectoids' new structure (Unholy hall of Ancients) is a bit overpowered. Like the other civilizations, I feel that maybe the insectoids should have multiple structures, so maybe the Hall of Ancients only produces money, civics, and research, while there is another building that maybe consumes something like money and research to produce relics, instructions, and artifacts. Also, maybe the insectoids get a structure like the Draconians' Center for Ancient Extraction. To add on, possibly that structure and the Center for Ancient Extraction could both store starships, as they would use them and the Draconians one costs starships to build. It would help them be on the same level as the human civs when it comes to producing, consuming, and storing starships.
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