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Ape app Cloud not working?

Hello, my long drawn out recovery problem is on my wall for any of you who might have insight on that, I've had great people helping me out but to no avail.

Really the problem I'm having is the ape apps cloud data. I play on my tablet, which when I do a backup it does a back up for the region not individual cities, so when I hard transferred the game file to my pc it loads the region with it's cities but I cannot go in them or make any new cities.

I sync all my stuff to the cloud, I tried on both my tablet, and my pc to login this website go to the cloud and my files and try to download all the files I have. Here is the problem,

When I click the file to download it starts downloading in the chrome browser right before it would finish it stops, then restarts. It keeps doing this with all the files, until eventually it just says file failed.

So I can't even download my files from the cloud, or properly back up my colony since on mobile it does not back up everything i need it to. Any suggestions on how to get these files from the cloud to download properly or on how to transfer the files from my tablet to pc some other way? All ideas, suggestions, tips, and advice are welcome, and as always thanks for reeading.

Messaged Brandon, he informed me that the cloud data is all experimental still and hasn't 100% got it reliable. If anyone sees this just beware.

I was fortunate enough after trying to download from the cloud 100+ times for whatever reason 1 time finally worked got it transferred.
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