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Updates to building

Lately, I have started to play My Colony a bit more, since it is a great way to pass time and there is always something to do in it. The layout feature is very useful when making a design, but I want to go further with something like it. Most layouts are just a design copied over and over into a map. If we could make one of these designs, and then mass copy it. So, this means to select an area, take everything in that area, and then either just move it, (A mass move) or take a copy of it, place it somewhere else and then have it be built. (It would move the structures, but it would still need to be built unless it was a mass move.) This would be helpful when building large things. Another possible option would to have the layout set up, and then have an option for all of the buildings to be placed to be built so you don't have to place all the buildings down. It would show the cost, and if you could afford it you could build it.
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My Colony

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