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Ascension Series - Part 2 - Lands of the Immortals

#1 2020-04-30 10:03:46
Hello guys.

This is the part 2 of the Ascension series! Here are more of my ideas for Insectoid end-game items!

  • Immortal Power Spire
    Now, release the ultimate potential of Antaura... with this Immortal Power Spire! Just for a trace of Antaura mixed with some crystalline, it can keep the most power draining devices in the galaxy running for hours!

    Generating power like a immortal. What else I can say? :)
  • Eden Garden
    Those ascended insectoids who understands how the life energy flow will be able to use the immortal power to make crops growing into a massive bushes of fruitful foods.

    Consumes Antaura, ant paste ,water and some alien relics. Producs lots of food and sugar. Or even wood.
    Additionally, this would be a good place to relax...
  • Antenna of Utopia
    The node emits waves that will stimulate the nerves of the insectoids (both mortal and immortals), keeping them happy and (phycologically) energetic.

    That would become a large debate if the real stuff were brought to human society...
    Constantly consumes ancient instructions.
  • Crypt of Unholy Crystals
    Crystalline infused with Antaura has even higher potentials, BUT also far more dangerous than synthetic crystals, they will engulf everything on the planet if uncontroled. A deep crypt is designed, enchanted with immortal powers, to grow the crystals safely without affecting the yields.

    Consumes antaura, alien artifact, and ancient instructions.
  • Maze of No Exits
    With the Ascension technologies plus some ancient power, this maze will let the criminals suffer until they truely wish to be forgived for good.

    A security structure that uses alien instructions and powered by antaura.
  • Pantheon of the Brotherhood
    A gorgeous hall for all the brothers of Insectoids to enjoy themselves in devine feasts, and make wishes that the immortals will make your dreams come true! If you 100% believe in immortals and bring a gift for them.

    This would be a multipurpose building, a mix of entertainment, tourism, health, civic production and antaura production.
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#2 2020-07-04 05:02:54
this is an amazing idea. did you get it from transcendence?
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