Just simply some building ideas.

The colour of the texts represents the civilization it belongs to, as follows: Humans (both United Earth and LIS), United Earth, LIS, Zolarg (Insectoids) and Alpha Draconians (Reptilians).

  • Aquaculture Well
    A vertical facility built into the sea to plant aquatic plants for food and raising up the fishes, in a self-sustaining system.
  • Food Replicator
    This machine will process almost all inedibles into delicious food for many. While your people will never know is what their meals are made of...

    Kind of, mixing trash, atmosphere and a smaller amount of ant pastes to make food. Terrible but deals with food for many cheaply.
  • Cobalt-Dyeing Den
    The blue cobalt mineral itself is a perfect dye, and also one of the important ingredients for Draconian purple dyes. Draconian Dyeing artistians works here to process clothes with cobalt dyes selling them to galactic markets or guests - and of course, 90% of the profit goes to the Draconian lords.

    Consumes cloth and cobalt, producing money and provides tourism.
  • War Arsenal
    As a warlike civilization, waging expandition wars isn't an easy task. So as to support the endless demands for weapons, heavy subsidies are used as providing incentives building arsenals, where the ingredients are processed to various weapon components that will be directly teleported to the interstellar war supply distribution centres.
  • Temple of the Enlightened
    Be faithed. Be blessed. Be enlightened. The Temple of Enlightment is not just a place to worship the unholy powers, but also enlightens worshippers using knowledge.

    Provides entertainment and (a few) education, produces antaura.
    Serves as an upgrade for the Shrine of Mystics.
  • Goldhenge of Culture
    The Goldhenge marked the revival of Insectoid culture. This is where you'll be able to hear wonderful pieces naturalism music, and seeing theatres telling the myths and stories of the ancient Insectoids.

    Entertainment building.
  • Nanoprocessor Cluster
    The nanoprocessor cluster make use of nanites to build a complex yet ultra-efficient bandwidth networks!
  • Superdrive proxy database
    One of the state-of-the-art proxy tech device of LIS, the proxy it generates is able to cover the entire colony, while providing enormous bandwidth network for stealth operations and civilian use.