Hello guys.

It may be a good idea to bring your colony some more challenges, as well as opportunities with random events, though it is not the first time this idea has been suggested.

So here I would like to share my ideas.

In the game you'll encounter a random event periodically, like 4-in-game-monthes interval you'll receive a pop-up.
Usually the event will bring you immediate effects, or a long term effect that lasts no longer than 4-in-game-monthes.
To secure development of the early colonies some events requires specific building(s) or atmosphere level, trash, planet type to trigger. And some events can be prevented by specific buildings.
Some of the events will require your decision, in this case you can choose the outcome of the event.

Here are some of my ideas.
  • Food spoilage
    Some problem occurred in our food storages, causing [loss] units of our food are spoiled.

    The loss is equal to 20% of food you have.

    Prevented by:
    • Quantum Food Storage
    • Subterranean Food Storage
    • Gravitational Compression Warehouse
    • Quantum Supply Pile
    • Unholy Pit of Stuff
    • Unholy Tower of Stuff
    • Advanced Materials Silo
    • Near-Infinite Materials Silo
  • Storm
    A storm have just struck our colony. Our buildings are damaged.

    All buildings' condition -10%.

    Triggered by:
    • Planet atmosphere ā‰„ 1000000
  • Plague Outbreak
    A massive outbreak in our colony has caused [deaths] colonists died and [sicks] colonists gravely ill. Expect a increase of workloads on medical facilities.

    Death rate is 1% of all colonists you have and sick rate is the rest of 15% colonists you have. Rounded down.
    Medical demands increases by 30% for 2-in-game-monthes.

    Prevented by:
    • Advanced Medical Research Center
    • Ant Paste Rejuvenation Clinic
    • Bloodletting Station
  • Enlightment
    A enlightment movement has boosted our science output!

    Science output doubled for 2-in-game-monthes.
  • Innovation
    A smart engineer in our colony have created innovations which the concepts can inspire our own scientists or we can sell the patent for profit.
    Which way you would like to make use of the patent?

    Instantly provides a sum of money (based on number of techs you have) or a sum of research (that worthes 50% cost of the most expensive tech researchable at the moment.)

More event ideas might be added soon!