I'd been annoyed for quite some time when I had 1k/2k power and built something that required a couple of hundred and everything shut down (I know that's not the case anymore, but it's still annoying) because it was actually 1.4k/1.6k.

While short numbers are better than they used to be, I still feel they could do with a little improvement.
I wrote a Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey script to improve them. I convert the resource counts to 3 sig fig with large number symbols ['','K','M','B','T','Qa','Qi','Sx','Sp','Oc','N','d','Ud','Dd','Td']
This also changes things to short numbers elsewhere (building materials for example).

Download Link

You have to turn off the Short Numbers setting or else they'll be shown using the game's short numbers notation but you can use it with or without storage limits.

I hope this helps someone.