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Scrappymatt said:Another quick suggestion about rovers, resource producers like water pumps store items until they are full, but youcant use them yet until transport rovers have to bring them back to deposits for use

4y ago
Trains would also make pathing easier if they have to run along predefined tracks.
4y ago
Are we supposed to be unable to scroll in that test app? I can rotate (x, y, and z) and zoom but not translate the plane.
4y ago
That seems a good way of doing things. I've tried to build things in a single file and almost always regretted it when it came to adding or changing something.
The only issue would be the number of web requests that would have to be made by the client (unless it was compiled server side on initial load).
4y ago
In terms of rovers/instant, I prefer rovers. I think it may be because i played C&C generals growing up and that used dozers/workers for construction over the place it mechanism used in the tiberium and red alert games. It's just personal preference but there's more logic to it than things materialising out of thin air.
4y ago
Similar to how a miner had to pick up the resource and drop it off at a storage location, it would be nice if resources had to be transfered to/from production buildings, construction sites, housing, etc.. Either by having to build dedicated units and set up 'trade' routes between buildings or each building having x automated units to fetch resources they need and export their stock.
4y ago
It almost is JSON. I tried treating it as such in PHP using json_decode. all I had to do was remove the commented out line, remove "window.ColonyGame = " and ";" and change some numbers from .1 to 0.1.
it worked, but it wasn't great.
4y ago
bastecklein said:Well you would just use the game data file for the current version. You can find it using the following syntax:


whereby you just change the version number in the URL to reflect the latest release version of the game. The entire file is a JSON object so it should be easy enough to parse.

annoyingly, (using 1.5.0) this does not seem to be the case. if it was JSON I could use
$gamedata = json_decode(file_get_contents('https://www.apewebapps.com/apps/my-colony/1.5.0/game.js'),true)
to get a nice PHP array; as it is I have to use
<script src="https://www.apewebapps.com/apps/my-colony/1.5.0/game.js"></script>
<script>document.getElementById('data').value = JSON.stringify(window.ColonyGame);</script>
<input type="hidden" id="data" name="data">
submit the form and then
$gamedata = json_decode($_POST['data'],true);

Having an actual JSON file would be quite useful.
4y ago
I'd been annoyed for quite some time when I had 1k/2k power and built something that required a couple of hundred and everything shut down (I know that's not the case anymore, but it's still annoying) because it was actually 1.4k/1.6k.

While short numbers are better than they used to be, I still feel they could do with a little improvement.
I wrote a Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey script to improve them. I convert the resource counts to 3 sig fig with large number symbols ['','K','M','B','T','Qa','Qi','Sx','Sp','Oc','N','d','Ud','Dd','Td']
This also changes things to short numbers elsewhere (building materials for example).

Download Link

You have to turn off the Short Numbers setting or else they'll be shown using the game's short numbers notation but you can use it with or without storage limits.

I hope this helps someone.
4y ago
Does this have any effect when used in a single city?
I just placed the Bussing Authority Building and apart from the little rover going around and it using up some wheels, it doesn't seem to be doing anything.
4y ago
Yes, but so long as it isn't 0 that's still infinite money.
4y ago
Does this mean I can put my ether collectors and ether rovers next to the infinite ether lake and use the auto trade to get infinite money?
4y ago
I was playing a game on one device and wanted to resume playing on another.
I can load it fine on the first device but I can't load the game on the second device despite having turned on Cloud Sync and logged in to my account on both devices.
4y ago
I wrote a PM to bast about creating an official discord server quite a while ago. I never got a response.
4y ago
I'm not aware of there being any official discord server for my colony and I've seen no unofficial ones other than ones set up for federations.

I set this one up a few months ago and we have a few members chatting with and helping one another.

Feel free to join using this link: https://discord.gg/dvJSKBB
4y ago
I've tried starting cities in my brand new multiplayer regions and each time I enter a colony charter code it kicks me out to the main menu (on steam, browser, ios android and windows store). When I reload the region the city is there but blank and unloadable. I start another city and have the same problem.
4y ago
It was about 1200 people on the mega map.
My other colonies which have had this bug have usually been small cities with a population of less than 100.
5y ago
I just saved and closed the app to update to v0.84. When I loaded it back up again and tried to load my colony it loaded up the colony as it was when I opened the game 2 days ago. I've just lost the last couple of days' progress. as the game closed, I saw it save its progress. I could maybe understand if I had autosave disabled but it's set to frequent and I saw multiple autosaves occur. Why then would it take me back a few dozen autosaves?, I could forgive it if it took me back by 1 or 2, but 2 days worth?

This is a recurring issue I have but only with online saves.

It's quite frustrating.

In case it matters, I'm using the Windows Store version on my W10 PC with cloud sync enabled.
5y ago
But surly it is a bug that resources such as diamond and oil can't be harvested because the rovers can't be built.
Yes one can make synthetic diamonds and oil but then why have them on the map?
This is the main thing that made me think it would be a bug.

The other 'bug's I mentioned may not be but certainly are annoying and in the case of the black markets I really think they should be available (the only reason they're not is because there's no regolith (not usually an issue as LIS usually has regolith))

Rather than arguing with you about workarounds and that water world is meant to be hard, I'd rather find out if these were things that slipped through from the developer or a direct quote from the aforementioned stating that we're not supposed to have these things.
5y ago
I know how to play the game.
I'm not complaining about not having these things. just concerned that we might be supposed to have them and this was an oversight.
and what you said
Not taht it will help much as your still poor as it can be .
so get diamond tek build a few diamond making buildings then a few jem shops for fast money .
is one of the things I just said can't be done.
Perhaps the lack of solar towers was intentional, perhaps it wasn't; either way, I hardly think that being without trade until one can build a League Trade Authority (which would need aluminium which one can't import) was intended nor was putting diamonds on the map with no way to harvest them.
5y ago


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