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Online Save deleted progress.

I just saved and closed the app to update to v0.84. When I loaded it back up again and tried to load my colony it loaded up the colony as it was when I opened the game 2 days ago. I've just lost the last couple of days' progress. as the game closed, I saw it save its progress. I could maybe understand if I had autosave disabled but it's set to frequent and I saw multiple autosaves occur. Why then would it take me back a few dozen autosaves?, I could forgive it if it took me back by 1 or 2, but 2 days worth?

This is a recurring issue I have but only with online saves.

It's quite frustrating.

In case it matters, I'm using the Windows Store version on my W10 PC with cloud sync enabled.
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How big is the colony? I am wondering if the connection to the cloud server is timing out when it is trying to sync the save to the cloud, and so only some of the saves are getting uploaded.
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It was about 1200 people on the mega map.
My other colonies which have had this bug have usually been small cities with a population of less than 100.
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