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[Suggestion] Resource transfers

Similar to how a miner had to pick up the resource and drop it off at a storage location, it would be nice if resources had to be transfered to/from production buildings, construction sites, housing, etc.. Either by having to build dedicated units and set up 'trade' routes between buildings or each building having x automated units to fetch resources they need and export their stock.
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I like the idea, have to see what others think. Reminds me of the Prison Architect game where they have to bring all of the supplies to the construction site before they can build.

It would slow down building/production a bit though.
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If saying this, builder rovers will go for multiple trips between storage and construction sites.
Of course rovers would need extra resource capacity.
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Oh my!!! If we are going to have something like this, can we please have trains too!!! To transport goods from 1 place to other. They will have similar function as that of road and the train can just be a graphically modified rover, but you can kinda stack them to increase capacity???
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I like the train idea
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The trains could also replace the need for the regional bus authority! We could have train stations all over so that the population could go back and forth between cities!
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Trains would also make pathing easier if they have to run along predefined tracks.
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Perhaps resources could be moved by train and pipelines across far distances, leaving rovers to do the small task of hauling solid resources (since games and liquids can be piped directly to where they need to be) from warehouses to factories and other close by buildings.
That would be great. Instead of rovers, you only have pipelines for liquid resources, and trains (or a long conveyor belt for continuous yield and thus easier simulation) for solid resources. A bit like Factorio I believe.

This gets rid of rovers and the necessary pathfinding.
Still needs rovers for construction though.
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In order to remove the rover (or at least 20 bots type), we could have just one rover for build the different roads (for car, tir, trail for train..), and different roads will have different cap resources moving capacity.
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