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[T1P] OutLander Commonwealth! Wanna be the Best? Join the Best! Recruitment bonus Most active +Discord

Hello colonists! Looking to set out and found a colony?? Look no further! I've been through this universe's worse, ranging from lava worlds, to losing everything! I've seen the ups, and downs.

That's why you need to join! After an uphill battle to settle an unknown place away from Earth, My commonwealth has seen & done it all! We have the most resources in the game, offer a recruitment bonus!

Major differences between my commonwealth and others, is I'm in direct communication with my people, we have an active friendly discord with giveaways, trades, layouts, lotteries and more! You can always contact me whenever you need help.

I've founded The 1 Percent Federation or [T1P] to recruit only the best! We take our fellow commonwealthers and mold them into the best in the whole universe! All of us are willing to help each other at a moment's notice. With virtually an unlimited pool of resources, money, and knowledge why not join us?

Charter Code= TPFYUd3h You need this at the beginning of the game when it asks "Custom Charter Code" when you start your colony.

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My Colony

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