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Update for Federations

Hello! Sorry I looked through the forum to try and find a topic concerning this but I couldn't find one.

I think we need a federation expansion update.
Feds really are almost pointless right now. But they're a great idea they just need more depth.

Add some ranks in. Whoever creates it is assigned "President".
Have a Recruiter rank, or commander, VP, secretary of Fed something. Just a handful of ranks to assign various members to give them "roles or duties" to perform.

Another issue I have is you never know how many members voted on a ballot. Maybe when you click the fed category have at the bottom of the screen how many votes for yay or nay for the current ballot.

Just a few ideas, they might be trash but something to bring more life and depth to this really awesome idea! I think feds have great potential they just need to be expanded on.
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