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Some suggestion for Voxel Pait :D

  • favorite color list (for using the same color in different project)
  • Layer (like in Autocad, or photoshop)
  • The possibility to group the single block
  • Group transformation: scale, rotation, move (by 1 pixel)
  • The possibility to copy/paste group or layer, even in different project (different file).
  • Object/group interaction: subtract, intersect, exclude, add, divide, trim, merge, crop, outline, minus back/front
  • Object snap
  • Simple object creation: cube, sphere, hemisphere, cone, cylinder, tetrahedron, exagonal pyramid, cuboid, prism, torus, ecc pretty much the classic 3d geometrical form
  • Advanced object creation: roof, stairs, elliptical structures, ecc
  • reflection
Also asking for possibilities for semitransparent voxels :3

Really useful for glass stuff like windows and greenhouses
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