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Hello guys.

Credits to @Sobeirannovaocc and @Westy266.

Whenever you need to have access and extraction of some needed resources far away but the colony doesn't have enough construction range to cover them, what you need is an outpost.

Outpost creation is done using a vehicle called Prospector.
Preparing a Prospector expandition vehicle requires some resources and 8 idle colonists.

The outpost should be located far as at least some distances like 75~100 tiles away.

Once you have found a good spot for a outpost, you can deploy the Prospector.

The Prospector Outpost will provide a few power, limited mineral sensor range and decent construction range for the outpost.
Outpost also supports the housing of 2 colonists it carries (for the rest 6, you have to build the shelter yourself), and provides 2 rovers for task support. These functions will help establishing basic extraction operations.

Hopefully the idea will make the gameplay more interesting!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Great idea👍. Perhaps on earthlike planets it could be an amphibious vehicle that travels over water.
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