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Ranged Bombarding (suggestion) - My Empire

Hello guys!

I wondered when we will have ranged boarding ability for units like battleship and cannons.
As well, the air units gameplay needs some improvement too.

So let's begin with the ranged bombardment gameplay.
Ranged attacks allows players to bombard enemy units at distance, without fear of retaliation, as long as the target does not have ranged bombardment ability too.
For now, let the bombard ability can target units exactly two tiles away (including diagonally).
Whenever players select bombard ability of a unit, units that can be bombarded are highlighted with a... Crosshair or anything.
If the target is a melee unit, you won't receive counter-attack damage. If the target also has bombardment ability, you'll receive retaliation damage as in melee combats.

About the air units, we can simply modify the mechanism in Civ1, which the air units automatically return to the nearest city or carrier once the turn has ended. (Yet, how to indicate the operation range is also a problem... Maybe show unit stats when a unit is selected?)

More importantly, the nuclear missiles... Which it is kind of insane now that... The missile is like, won't blow up and disappear, even when you successfully ‘nuke’ a unit. 🙈
And it is melee unit... (Though, impacting also counts as ‘melee’ lol)
My suggestion is, make it a ranged bombardment unit too BUT always recieve retaliation damage.

So that's all about the ranged combats suggestions for My Empire right now.
Hopefully this will make the game better.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Agreed, and on it.
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Doing some big rewrites of both combat and bombarding. Also, cities now have their own HP, and you need to beat them down to atleast 50% before you can just capture them.

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