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Policies research?

Hello guys!

In this era of first extensive colonization, there must be lots of stuff to be pioneered in a colony. Management system will be one of them, of course. Define what to do and not to do, achieve efficiency and success.
Basic policies are unlocked once the Governor's Office has been built and is functional in the colony, just like the consulate in MC1.
However, the remaining policies, has to be unlocked through researches. Each policy has their required technology respectively (instead of buildings in MC1).

Before going into the actual policies, I'll first introduce the related technologies of the policies.

Related Technologies
  • Localised Clock
    The day-night cycle on your planet you colonized can be largely different from that on Earth. This research will help obtaining a reasonable local clock for the colony through some calculations, allow the colony to establish an efficient timetable for workshifts.
  • Basic Adminstration
    To run a colony smoothly it cannot goes without a management system. By studying the colony environment and using our existing knowledge, a basic administration can be established.
  • Emergency Response System
    It is always important to prepare for any possible emergencies. From establishing a prediction mechanism to finding ways to respond adverse events, these can reduce the loss in your colony during hard times.
  • Colony Security
    You cannot get rid of all troublemakers away from your colony. Establishing a security system can keep your colony safe from rampaging native aliens and saboteurs from other rivals.
  • Repatriation Mechanism
    Not all people are needed by the colony, some kinds of colonists can be problematic if they are in overwhelming numbers. Repatriating them back to Earth, or find another colony to accept them, can be a good choice without breaking moral conduct.
  • Convict Workers (example faction exclusive)
    Exclusive technology from Red Satellites Treaty Union.
    In case there are not enough labours in your colony, there is another choice provided by the Union - The convicts. These cheaper labours, although they require extra security control, they are cheap to hire, working for the colony to redeem their crimes until the end of their sentence.
  • Native Diplomacy
    We are not the only smartest being on the alien planets, sometimes you will encounter native species. Finding ways to communicate and deal with the natives can help the colony access to precious resources needed.
  • Inquisition (example faction exclusive)
    Exclusive technology from Brotherhood of Polaris.
    Since the faith is the only power that keeps the Brotherhood together, the faith should be protected at all cost. Establishing Inquisitors will keep the colonists questions nothing about our faith.

These are my ideas so far.
If you have some better ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments! :D
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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