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New Idea for an update involving rovers and workers

Here's an interesting idea for an update. A technology for humans and insectoids, Teleportation and Insectoid Teleportation. This would be a possible mid-game technology, before transcendence, introducing new versions of previously existing vehicles and workers capable of constantly harvesting without the need of a drop-off point. This far in the game, rovers and workers start to become obsolete, and this would briefly spark some light into rover and worker harvesting before they become obsolete once more. Another use for this could be for clearing large amounts of land quickly while not wasting resources.
It's a very interesting idea, maybe there would be the best technology for the next update.
Selecting only the best resource can give you the results.
It would certainly help with some issues with forest harvesting. Currently the issue is that the rover must return to the drop off point after every instance of gathering. The improvement of being able to increase gather rate by combining rovers is bottle necked as you can have a thousand forest rovers and they gather at the same rate as about fifteen. There does need to be some sort of balance shift to correct this as the fix made to rovers was to allow the simulation of many rovers without reducing performance but as it stands now gathering is a little bottle necked once you get enough resources to afford rovers
An alternate version of this would be that the rover, if it has any room left over in it's inventory, goes to the next resource site before returning to the drop off site unless it's literally adjacent to the drop off site. Technically this is what they should do anyway.
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