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Report on update 1.11.0 Umm windows 10 and desktop

A little feed back as I see how this update has paned out now .
AS i said in update reply's Desktop version crashes quite often .

On to the rest the update as you explained Limits gifting along with trades and imports exports to amounts confined BY Researches done . Example lv 1 thour 5 consult increases amounts that can BE gifted imported exported or traded .

Thing is EXPORT IMPORT and maybe Trdes are also LIMED ato once every 5 mints as posted in updates .
BUT gifting is NOT .
while I can only do one import export ( which is about all i use early game . Every 5 mints or so .
' I can gift as often at max amounts that can be recived .
so It looks as if imports and export ended Up being limited along with amounts also how offtong they can be used .
anyway Just FYI as maybe you intended this way ?

PS really you just made it so no install is needed as the game runs RIGHT from the download file I used taht to move games from pc to pc for ages No more game listed in winodws program fiels LOl jsut delte the whole game file or download and run .
Saves TONS of set up time . anyway Thanks and looking forward to my colonyt 2
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