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Hello, was just wondering if any new features have come to this app. I feel like this app has potential and i like what has been done with it so far.

I have tons of ideas, i just hope this game is getting enough support.

Also, would be nice if it was on ios, i cant find it anywhere in the app store.
I haven't forgotten about it @Amorphus , I just don't update it very often. I will add more if people want me to though! About iOS though, I submit it to the app store every update, and they keep rejecting it :-/
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Ah, thats unfortunate. Thanks for letting ne know.

I have an idea that might improve gameplay. What if when a player surrounds an area with walls and seals it with a door, that area becomes a room. And maybe the only way to see out of the room is to place windows to see a certain range of tiles outside.

I feel like this could be useful to make mining more difficult and dungeons more mysterious, as you can’t see all the ores or enemies until you dig for them or enter the next room.

Also, if you ever plan to make towns buildable, you could add room types that give bonuses depending on what furniture/workstations are in them.

Anyway, hope you get more support with this app.
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