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Lag at only 6k colonists

I'm using the windows 64 version, from the direct download, and I'm having lots of slow downs, clunky game, it's a pain.

And I see people speaking of 200k colonists ...

How, please, how can I make it go faster ?

I'm at most at 10% CPU and 20% RAM, most often less than that ...
The game don't simulate each colonists independently anymore. Now is "house" based. An house with 6 colonists, or 16k, don't make much difference.

I have several medium city (region map) with 1 million colonists running without any problem or lag.

I have lag only from making bots (thousands), or when i ungroup large bots grp, es 10k stacks.

You play with the last version? 1.11

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