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Super Sound Amplifier

I've just installed Super Sound Amplifier. It's working fine.

I do however have a problem. With the App absent I have nowhere near enough volume even with the Microsoft Sounds record level set to maximum. With the App installed and the gain set to minimum the volume is too loud even with the Microsoft record level volume set to minimum.

Is there anything I can do?

I know a solution to get the level just right is possible since I had the microphone working fine using Equaliser APO and Peace GUI. This combination is very clumsy to use. Super Sound Amplifier is easy to use and I'd like to stay with it if possible.
So there is nothing in the app right now to fine tune it any more than what you have. I can see what kind of control I can add for reducing the volume even further though.
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OK, but I have a couple questions. how do I get my token onto idle token quest? and how do I save in idle token quest?
Idle Token Quest auto-saves, and to get your tokens in the game, you just need to be signed into both apps using the same Ape Apps account.
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