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2021-02-06 15:21:21
Hello guys!

Today I'd like to introduce a new colonist system for MC2.
Since in MC2 it's the time earlier than the United Earth (or early United Earth) which the technologies are not maturely developed, a colony might not support many people but bears important missions. I'd suggest every colonists you receive are specialists, and you cannot change their specializations.
So in MC2, I'd say even obtaining colonists will be in a different way. You have to order for colonists, with specific specializations mentioned.

Here, I'll introduce my ideas for types of specialists.
  • Technicians
    Technicians are probably the type of colonist you need the most. Since they are needed to keep your colony running smoothly - this includes base maintenance tasks and manufacturing. Besides, they also stand an important role in engineering related researches.
  • Biologists
    Another type of most important part of your colony is being the Biologists, primarily responsible for taking care of food supplies of your colony, they usually work in advanced hydroponic farms. They are also needed for lifeforms researches.
  • Medics
    As there are more colonists in your colony, the health risk increases. Medics will be the one to provide healthcare services to your colonists, keeping everyone healthy and fit. On the other hand, they are researchers of health and disease issues.
  • Geologists
    You cannot expand your colony without the help of geologists. They can survey the surface of your planets that can find somewhere worthy to expand into. More importantly, they can spot for new resource deposits that shall bring your colony some potential wealth.
  • Astronomers
    Astronomers still have their own roles when they are "grounded" in the colony. They are responsible for things related to space and the atmosphere of the planet, such as orbital control and launching cargo pods heading back to Earth. Moreover, they are still crucial to astronomical researches.
  • Administrators
    Admins are needed for taking care of a larger colony - you cannot have extra access on colony policies, and more importantly, higher colonist uplimits, without their coordination efforts. Sometimes they are involved into social researches.
  • Guards
    The space is just another wild west but even "wilder". To protect your colony from possible hazards, like angry natives and impostors in disguise of colonists, you'll probably need them.

The job system will also be different with the new specialists system, each type of specialists is counted independently (notes, this has no connection with micromanaging colonists like in early MC1 versions). Specialists will prioritize filling the job slots that requires their specialization. If there are no specialist slots left they will instead take generic job slots or become unassigned when all slots are filled. Generic job slots are filled by surplus idle colonists regardless of specialization, and generic job slots won't count towards specialist employment rate since those job slots can be filled by anyone.

Hopefully @bastecklein can have a look.

If you have further thoughts, please share with us - every suggestion is a significant improvement.
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