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some ideas on research gameplay

2021-02-07 05:03:59
Hello guys!

Here I am suggesting some details on research gameplay for MC2.

New function of research?
Here as I would suggest, research will not only limited to unlocking buildings and new options. Instead they will also become a source of funds to your colony - Just like in the real world, completing or starting scientific research projects can earn research institutes a large sum of funds.
The funds you have earned can be used to request assets like supplies and new colonists from Earth.

Research Requirements
Besides research points generated from research facilities and sometimes resources in your colony, some researches has special requirements. In terms of population, such as requiring your colony reaching a population level, having a number of unassigned population at the moment, or having a number of specific type of specialists. In terms of territory, such as owning an outpost or having at least a area of settlement territory.
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