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Some ideas for My Business Empire 2


Just tried the release version of My Business Empire 2 on the web, and here are probably some ideas for gameplay mechanics.

Urban development
Urban areas will develop next to the roads, and will expand over time based on government's development plans.
Urban areas is basically a new type of terrain. For some types of businesses, like food and properties sales related ones, they receive bonuses in these densely populated areas.
However, on the other hand, this can also be a harm to some business opportunities. Some businesses like lawn service and agriculture is not applicable in the urban areas, and urban development will also overwrite forest tiles, means less spots available for logging.
On the other hand, maybe some possible businesses only exclusively for urban areas such as retails and shopping malls.
Don't worry, urban development will take a long time. If a urban development project is announced by the government, expect a urban zone will pop up somewhere 4~6 years later.

Protected zones, more limitation policies
Some areas might prohibits a variety of businesses due to different reasons. Such as, in the reason of environmental protection logging in some areas are prohibited. Or like, pollution control policies that directly limits number of high-polluting industries you can build, or in other ways like extra tax if you own too much of them.

Extra ideas on businesses
  • Textile Factory
    Produces clothes from wool.
  • Sheep Farm
    Produces primarily wool and secondarily meat.
  • Fashion Retails
    Sells clothes, basically.
  • Shopping Mall
    Brings you lotta of rent revenues, if you own one! Urban exclusive.
  • Supermarket
    Urban-exclusive business.
  • Motel
    Tourism business with a cheap set-up.
  • Logistics/Delivery Service
    Commercial purpose delivery services. More revenues if placed in urban areas.

Might sound a bit too much for an idle game, though. But hopefully these could be some good ideas for addition.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Thanks @GeneralWadaling , actually it might be too much for a standard idle game, but I think MBE2 can be more than just your typical idle game. I do plan to continue updating this one because I think the engine has serious potential. I kind of wanted to do for the mobile idle game what My Colony did for the mobile builder game, make one that is a bit more advanced without the constant IAPs.
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