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Some ideas for technologies?

Just a simple list-out of tech ideas.

  • Low-G Hydroponics
    We can't just keep growing potatoes in the small and cramp greenhouses, right?
  • Basic Interplanetary Communications
    Our mission still depends on support from Earth. That's why we need a communication channel, to request new colonists and resupplies.
  • Low-G Construction
    Although we have convenient and simple prefabricated buildings, however they are not highly reliable. We need new ways of construction using cement and steel that can be achieved locally.
  • Microscale Manufacturing
    When building a large factory is too expensive and we don't have much manpower in our colony, then microscale manufacturing is the early solution to begin producing advanced supplies.
  • Soil Adaption
    Plant breeds that are adaptable to alien soil can bring even more green possibilities to your colony, in terms of agriculture (and gardening).
  • Atmospheric Gas Processing
    When different gases in the atmosphere are separated, they can be valuable industrial raw materials.
  • Colony Logistics
    Logistics and mass transit system is the bloodstream of a city. It is the same for a colony, you'll need a efficient transportation system to bring resources from afar to places where they are needed.
  • Alien Geology
    The richest minerals hides beneath the crust. Learn how to locate them and extract them safely.
  • Colony Community
    Community support is one of the needs for a us, to keep ourselves motivated on our tasks. Now we can begin with fulfilling the need a suitable place for community gatherings.
  • Crowdfunding
    If the colony needs more funds, crowdfunding is one of the good ways to do it, especially when you have good reputation among communities from Earth.
  • Systematic Research
    Reorganize research teams and facilitate research cooperation under a systematic way.
  • Frontier Engineering
    To get an outpost into running in a short time, we will need faster ways of construction (without sacrificing quality) for the key facilities.
  • Advanced Low-G Engineering
    It's time to elevate engineering to another level in all aspects - we need elevating quality, elevating durability, elevating efficiency and elevating building height.
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