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clickable people, people stats and more

why not people be clickable, rovers and such can be clicked for some gui BUT not people why?
so I thank people SHOULD be clickable and gui pops up. so who is with me
I'm here just for explaining the history related to why you can't "select" colonists.
Previously each colonist has stats and can be clicked, however as this makes the game extremely laggy on mobile devices (since stats of each colonists has to be considered every second, which means you'll have a sh*tton of entities running in the game, especially in late game you'll have more colonists than imagined), "clickable" colonists and colonists stats was removed around v1.0.0 something by the dev.

Yet, if you wish the colonists in current version with something more than just aesthetics, you can give some ideas.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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