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Issue I'm having, I can't interact with the small menu


This is a picture of the problem
Hey @Spartan305 someone else had this same problem, it seems to be related to having gesture navigation disabled, although I also tried disabling gestures on mine, and it still works. What brand of device do you have? The navigation bar should automatically hide itself when the game starts.
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I wonder if it's showing up because you have a PiP video playing?
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I have a Moterola G Power
I'ma see if it's the PIP, if it is, I'll remove the post, if not I'll let you know, thanks🙂
It was PIP
How do I remove a post?
You can do "hide post" which will make it visible only to you, and after so many days it will auto delete. You can also leave it up if you want, in case others are having the same issue!
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I also have the same issue. It works fine until I switch to another app, then when I switch back again the phone's navigation bar doesn't hide itself. I only recently started playing the game again after a long time away, so I don't know exactly when the issue started happening, but it definitely didn't do this in the past. Phone is a Galaxy Note 8 running Android 9.
Thanks for the details @aer71 , it might be that the app is not re-entering into immersive mode when resuming from suspension, I will look into it
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