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It is hard to set a specific amount of resource to export since the sliders are so sensitive and always goes far beyond the amount of resource that a colony has. A textbox would be a nice update to sell or export resources since the cooldown to export a resource again after a slider incident is too long.
just wanted to support this proposal.
playing for a while, a LOT of players suggested it on chat
the s;iders are all so thin it makes them hard to control thing is they use to be easer thicker some reason bast thined them down .
adding a amount box humm all i do is get close to amounts my self . open the trades then slide down lower then what i have .
over all its playable . at end game i only sell to ship port by the million or what ever amount of ships i have
First time poster.
I really really really want this to happen.

As soon as you reach higher levels of governance, it becomes nearly impossible to export anything lower that 30 000 of anything.
Particularly on mobile
I support this idea entirely
tawanameier said:I support this idea entirely

is already implemented in version 1.19.0.
the only good thing that came with update on 08.06.2022
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