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Option to send gifts to all colonies in the commonwealth at once

I would like to propose an option to send a gift to all colonies at once, so its easier to distribute ressource among the members of a commonwealth. Another idea is, to be able to save a "template" of what you sent so you can always click on that "package" and send the same ressources in the same amount again to somebody.
I think it's a good idea. The templates should be fairly simple to implement if all it is doing is storing what you sent everyone in a single package or record. But it may conflict with the gifting limits of each tier of consulate and capital buildings. Let's say that you had a teir 6 capital and you sent 5 million ore to all colonies and saved a template of that package. But what if when using the bulldoze mode you accidentally destroy the capital and then decide to build a tier 1 capital(due to deficient resources). So now you go back to the template that you used before and try and send another 5 million to your colonies. However, a tier one capital doesn't allow for 5 million of the same resources to be sent to each colony in one transaction, so now you have a conflict. I guess bast could fix that conflict by having the capital itself store the templates and having the templates deleted when the capital is destroyed.
This don't have a poll so I made a thread that does have one. You should add your template idea on that thread its called commonwealth gifting. You should also vote Lol.
He can make a post with a poll hisself. That's not your idea so no need to make a post from you.
Its me Lego.
Ottoich said:He can make a post with a poll hisself. That's not your idea so no need to make a post from you.

Honestly I made that post before I knew this was here.
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