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My Colony 2 v0.22.0 Released

I know that My Colony 2 v0.21.0 was just released yesterday, but I found a couple of bugs in the Dedicated Server code that I did not want to put off until I had time to do a full proper update, which is why this release is getting published so soon.

Besides from the quick bug fixes, this update also splits the .vvp model data out of the object definition data for the Cloning Facility, Plastic Factory, Landing Field, Canteen, Synthetic Oil Lab and Warehouse, which should further improve initial load times on mobile devices.

One last note, I have started working on a soundtrack for My Colony 2! I have three tracks composed already, and hope to have enough to include in the next release. I will start adding sound effects to the game in the next release as well.

That's all for today guys, thanks for playing and stay tuned for more!


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