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Robot Diamond Presser (NOT realistic)

WARNING: Fictional – will not appear in game. This is not a suggestion. It it only for fun and is not real.

Robot Diamond Presser

Converts Charcoal into Diamonds, via pressure by robots. Generates trace amounts of atmosphere in the process.

Cost: Ancient Instructions +10, Alien Artifact +1250, Alien Relic +1000, Ore +12000, Steel +10500, Microchip +3000, Gold +9000, Triantanium +1500, Wood +8750, Charcoal +7000, Robot +1000
Stores: Charcoal +4500, Diamond +4000
Tile size: 2x2
Technologies required: Advanced Robotics, Diamond Mining
Power required: +500
Workers: 4

Consumes: Charcoal x1
Time (ticks): 1000

Smelt Robot x1
into Diamond x1
Time (ticks): 4000 (1000 all workers)

Generates: Atmosphere x1
Time (ticks): 8000 (2000 all workers)

Upgrade from: Synthetic Diamond Laboratory

Built by: Construction Drone, Turbo Drone
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