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How To Start The Two Valleys Map

Hello guys, today I will be sharing with you how to start my new map, The Two Valleys! This was my new map for 20 players room, however, it may cause some bugs in the game.

WARNING: This map may struggle sometimes and lag, but the error is when all AIs or players are assigned on "No Team". Only set teams to Teams 1 and 2 for better experience!

1. Set up 19 of Easy AI.

2. Change teams to Team 1 and Team 2. 10 AIs on each team.

3. (Optional) Then, change their colors to Red or Blue. Red for rebels, blue for United Earth forces.

4. Start the game. You should see an stage 3 surface, meaning you are on the custom map with 19 other AIs.

That is it for right now! If you want to suggest something, do it and I will reply to your comments! Thank you, and see you later!

Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

*engineer rush intensifies*
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