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Region Production

For some reason my region is producing anything. Only when I have a map loading will it make the production for that map, and only that map. All my other ones dont produce. But then sometimes it will randomly make starships if its below 3k? but my cap is around 550k? So I am really not sure whats going on. Before this I had just come back the day before after a year, and was happy with new tech. Everything worked fine, I got dark matter, then boom. Everything just stopped producing when it wasn't directly loaded.

I have tried loading the game is different operating systems (my original being steam and the new on being chrome) but the problem didnt go away. I tried saving the colonies before leaving them hoping that would update something but still nothing.

So any ideas on what I should try next?
I don't have a problem with everything I only have a problem with starship say they should be going up but they only go down and wmds just don't produce anything at all unless I'm on the map the has them built
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