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High pressure terraforming - Page 2

This idea is so well thought out with so many pictures and ideas. I really hope that it is added to the game. I think that this has a real chance of being in 0.48. Keep up the good work!
time said:This idea is so well thought out with so many pictures and ideas. I really hope that it is added to the game. I think that this has a real chance of being in 0.48. Keep up the good work!

Thank you time, I'm putting all of my effort into this.

I think bast is devoting this next update to Xolarg, and I still have to finish making the pictures, and I haven't even started on the building costs and production/consumption rates. I have an idea of what evrything should cost and how much/what resource it will produce/consume, but I want to come up with exact numbers to make sure that the game stays balanced. I want to make sure that bast has all of the info he needs to just plop everything right into the game, assuming bast likes the idea and wants to implement it.
Hey guys, I just want to express my thanks for those that voted for this idea, we now have more than enough to make it into the suggestion index and now it's pretty much up to bast whether he wants to support this idea. Again, feel free to respond if you have any suggestions or art to contribute to this idea, I don't want to be the only one getting recognition for this if it happens to be put in the game.
Hey guys, I've changed my scheme around a little bit and took out a few unnecessary things. I recently learned that bast has to limit the amount of resources that he has in the game because the more resources there are, the harder it is to maintain balance in the game for each and every resource. So, where I used to suggest two new resources, tallorium and the gas canister, I have now replaced the use of the gas canister with he3 on LIS maps. Also, I have made my scheme so that, if bast doesn't like tallorium, he can use red crystalline instead, and I will include a red crystalline deposite image in addition to the tallorium deposite so that he can choose. After I draw that, I'm going to make a new resource logo for the crystalline that would include multiple colors of crystaline, including red, green, and blue. This could be used to replace the all blue crystals resource image that he has in place now.

If you have time, re-read my post with the images and descriptions on page one of this thread and let me know what you think of the changes. Again, I'm always open for suggestions.
Hey guys, as yall have noticed, I've taken a little break from designing, but I'm back now with a few good updates to my ideas:

I just realized that an atmosphere scrubber doesn't require alien tech. The most expensive materials that it requires is robots, but those don't necessarily require alien tech either if you were able to save enough aluminum to make 1,500 robots. So, I'm going to be adding one new terraformig building: alien flying kelp farm. Using dna from ancient alien plantlife, an extinct species, flying kelp, was resurrected. This species survives solely on atmosphere and spreads like wildfire in higher pressure environments. Provides food while consuming large amounts of atmosphere. Will require at least 15 mil atmosphere and be much more efficient than an atmospheric scrubber. will also cost expensive materials to build. I will include the images for these on this post. Pretty soon I will edit my initial post on this thread to contain solidified ideas and all of the images and building stats.

I have designed an image for this new planet type. Let me know if it is too dark or lacks contrast. This planet is supposed to be dark and dreary; it's a good compliment to the rest of the game where everything is brighter.

Only a few images remain to be designed and then I can "crunch the numbers" so to speak. Hopefully bast has seen this thread. I would really like some feedback from someone who is higher-up, if not bast himself. I would like to know what he thinks of this idea and whether I should be spending my time on more productive ideas.

More content to come, stay tuned.
Hey @Ottoich or @patchdaddy, can we get this post added to the index. I spoke with bast and he confirmed that he liked this idea. And plus, it has 12 upvotes, images, and very descriptive ideas.
Is atmosphere important ? I was on 100 million few days ago ^^
Well, its important to keep atmosphere levels within the 5-15 mil range to prevent colonists from getting sick. Bast is going to see if he can incorporate the idea into another world that he is making. Its a whole new way to play the game.
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