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[Terra Nova 4X] Victory Type ideas

Greetings again!

This time we'll discuss about victory types.

So far, only a single victory type has been implemented, which is achieved by wiping out all other players.
To make the game more interesting, we can introduce some different victory types (along with ideas of associated game mechanics).

My idea on other victory types would be:
Monopoly Victory - Compete to complete tasks and trade contracts from Earth - Only the most competent may earn the monopoly status on the planet!
Technological Wonder Victory - Achieve innovative breakthroughs in science and create the technological masterpiece which shall make your name everlasting in history books.
Second Earth Victory - Develop your colonies into thriving cities to attract largest number of Earth immigrants and earn the great title "Builder of the Second Earth" for yourself!

Here are the details of each victory type:

Monopoly Victory
To achieve Monopoly victory, first one must earn a lowest required amount of Monopoly Score, then accumulate required amount of money to buy down the entire region before others.

Monopoly Score represents how much stakeholders from Earth see and trust you as an competent administrator of your colony on Terra Nova, which will eventually become vital support in General Assembly to pass your regional patent.
To enable the option buying the patent, your Monopoly Score must reach at least 20*(no. of players).
Here are two ways you can earn Monopoly Score:

All players will receive the same competitive tasks from Earth regularly every 15 turns starting from turn 30, which the objective each time may vary. Completing the task before the 15-turn quest cycle ends will yield ⭐ Monopoly Score, and bonus ⭐Scores can be earned if being the first one to complete the task.

Starting from turn 60, trade contracts form Earth will become available, allowing players to trade resources with Earth (one contract lasts for 20 turns). In addition to resource/money benefits, each active Earth contract also yields 1 ⭐ Monopoly Score per turn until the contract ends.

Once having qualified Monopoly Score, the next and the last requirement would be money. The required πŸ’° money to achieve victory is 100*(no. of players)+(Sum of top 5 ⭐ Monopoly Score including yourself).

Technological Wonder Victory
Technological Wonder victory is pretty straightforward - it requires completion of all techs and then complete the Breakthrough Project wonder.

This victory type does not require much explanation.

Completing all techs will unlock a victory wonder called Breakthrough Project, the most expensive wonder of the game.
This wonder will take a long time to complete, hence you should also have a city with high πŸ”¨ production yield if you wish to achieve this victory; and during this period you must also protect the project site - The city will be revealed and highlighted to all other players and some will try to stop you from completing it.

Second Earth Victory
Second Earth Victory competes to attract immigrants from Earth. Only well-developed cities with monuments and well-established administrative and cultural infrastructures can fulfill their high-level expectations of comfort!

In simplest way explaining it, it is mainly a cultural competition. πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Earth Immigrants (which does not count as πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ worker population) will start come to Terra Nova every 10 turns starting from turn 30, and they will only choose to settle in cities with sufficient πŸ› culture yield, cities with certain wonders or higher πŸ› cultural yield/rankings may get extra πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Earth Immigrants.
Note that πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Earth Immigrants are transferred if their home city fall into hands of another player!

The player who is first to reach the required number of πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Earth Immigrants wins the game, which the number depends on number of players the map can hold.

Hopefully some of them won't take complicated work to implement, and could add some interesting gameplay to the game!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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