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Question about Mods/Admins

Hello. I have noticed that there are only 1 mod so far in the forum and 3 administrators working in the forum. Actually, an post by @PeepThePurp inspired me to ask this question.I want to ask some questions specifying this topic:
  1. How do you get to become an moderator or an administrator? (I am not demanding to be one)
  2. Why are there less administrative/moderative involvement here than other forums?
  3. Will pinging @bastecklein too much get you in trouble by either him or the administrators?

I would like someone to answer this question, and extra detail/emphasis is allowed. You may quote this post below, and make sure your reply is an answer to mine. Thank you, and have a wonderful night!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

There aren’t a ton of users on the forum so I think it’s ok with minimal moderation.
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