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Create Your Own Level Up Games with Level Up Builder!

In honor of the 10 year anniversary of Deimos, the mobile RPG that started the entire My Colony Universe of games, I am announcing two new (but linked) projects - the Level Up Builder and the Level Up Player!

The Level Up Builder is a new IDE of sorts for creating games that run on the Level Up game engine, which is the engine that powered the original Level Up game, the Deimos RPG trilogy, Ninja Level Up, Teddy Bear Terror, and Alien High. The builder contains everything you need to create your own RPG game based on the Level Up engine, all you no coding knowledge required. You just supply your own graphics and sound effects (if you want sound). You can test your development progress right from within the builder.

When you are done creating your game, you can compile your game and distribute it to friends, post it here on the forums, or however you want to get it out there.

The compiled project will be a *.lug archive file that can be played using the also-new Level Up Player application.

The Level Up Player is an organizer and launcher for Level Up Game files. You specify a folder on your computer where your *.lug files are saved, and the Player will parse your files and display box art for your games. Eventually if anybody out there becomes interested in creating their own Level Up Engine games, I can add a game submission function to the Builder, and a Game Store feature to the Player, making it easy to distribute and discover new Level Up Engine games.

There is still a little work to do on the Player side of things, as it does not have gamepad support yet, but that will be coming soon. There might be a couple of other things missing that I have not caught yet, since the player was built with a lot of copy/pasting from the existing Level Up game, so it's possible I missed something, so let me know if you find errors!

As there are not yet any Level Up Game files out in the wild, I have taken the liberty of compiling all of the existing Level Up engine games over to the new format, so if you would like to get started with the Level Up player, you can download the entire library here, unzip the files to your computer, and then point the player to your games directory:

Both applications are complete Progressive Web Apps, and will work best when installed to your desktop system as a PWA. You can install them using most Chromium based browsers.

Level Up Builder

Level Up Player

Anyway, go ahead and give them a try! If you make a game, let me know and I can showcase it on the site for you, and if there seems to be any interest in this project, I can make a dedicated section on the forum for it. If not, I will at least be using this system for development of any Level Up based games going forward, so any suggestions for new features or improvements will be welcome!

#levelupplayer #levelupbuilder
Now I do see potential for some creativity and even telling some misc stories based on My Colony Universe!

I've perhaps immediately came up with an idea of what I can do with the maker lol
Though it is right now a perhaps thing and haven't take a good shape, here are my rough and quick drafts.

In the heat of Human Civil War, LIS forces are advancing towards the heart of United Earth - the planet Earth. You'll take perspective of a soldier of United Earth, participating in the battles of Solar System Defense Campaign and witnessing the course of the largest war in Human history.

To say where I could start the story, perhaps beginning with you're on a troop ship - under the transfer order the unit you belongs to is on the way redeploying near Solar System.
Yet the journey isn't smooth and clam as you wished to be - the convoy is intercepted by a LIS dispatchment on course and your troop ship is being hijacked by a LIS boarding party from a shuttle.

Since I only have very limited image making capabilities perhaps graphically I'll replace many of the stuff with pixel sprites (which I'm kinda proficient with it) and voxel scenes.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I'd play it for sure!

I think a game with all pixel graphics would look good. Whenever I get around to it, I will update the editor to users to also specify custom graphics for all of the UI buttons and elements, so there could be a unified look, for example, pixelated UI elements.
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