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(SUGGESTION) Dark Base Gamma

Hello there! Today I will be sharing an presentation of the Dark Base Gamma, which converts robots into diamonds while producing money and consuming research, starships and thousands of pounds of energy worth of solar panels. It also can store Dark Matter (just like the Dark Base Beta), but it has a smaller space to store Dark Matter. This is an realized version of my previous idea the Robot Diamond Presser! Here is my suggestion, I hope you like it!

  • Dark Base Gamma

    An structure that produces an large amount of diamonds from robots via an alien conversion method while also improving the econome and consuming starships for planetary invasions. Requires a million power to operate.

Alright, that is it for now! If you want to reply, do so below and I will reply to it soon. I will see you all later!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

I would like this too, plus a Nano Dark Matter generator would also be a good building as well.
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