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In the lower left hand corner of the Account created, there is a sort option (6 dots) which shows up as a plus sign + with arrows on the ends of the plus sign+. I would like to arrange things but I cant seem to make it happen. Any info that could help. Or is this a function that does not work.

I also have a question about whether or not I will ever be able to copy and paste in EZ Register.

I also notice at one time all accounts showed up without scrolling, but now they are larger and I have to scroll. Not really a problem but just curious what changed. I made no changes of Text size or Zoom on my computer.

I am sure you are overwhelmed and I appreciate your help.
For the sort option, you basically just hold down on the 6 dots with your mouse and drag the account to where you want it. Maybe it is not working right with touch screen, I will have to look into that on the next update. I have just tried it on Windows though and it seems to work fine.

For the account listing, I am not sure why you need to scroll now, as I have not changed the size of any of the UI elements. I am considering a bit of a UI redesign though to make everything a bit smaller on the account listing screen, since the account boxes are overly large in my opinion.

As for copy paste, are you trying to copy/paste entire transactions, or what is the functionality you are looking for? If you tell me how you would like it to work I can see what I can do!
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I can't add a transaction all of a sudden. How do I fix?

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