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Additional Fish Ideas

Hello there, everyone! Today, I will be sharing some suggestions with the community about fish production and consumption! There is no building that consumes (or produces) fish in the insect race, and nothing that produces fish in the reptile race. There is also a narrow range of fish production/consumption in the game, so I will expand these ideas for possible inclusion into the game in the future. I apologize that these ideas were posted a few months after expected! These ideas were planned and drafted by me, so I hope you like it!

WARNING: Long page
This post will be long, so if you are using an low-end phone or an device with low memory, I suggest that you avoid reading this thread/post, immediately. Thank you!


  • Fish Processing Facility (Zolarg)

    An facility which processes fish into food. It also generates a trace amount of atmosphere because of the fish gasses released from cutting.
  • Fish Research Facility (Zolarg)

    An specialized facility for producing research from fish studies. Requires a steady supplement of fish to operate. Also produces money from government funds.
  • Fisherbug's Mound (Zolarg)

    It's almost the same as the Fisherbot's Hut, but it stores less fish and food, and produces food slower (and on a smaller scale than the Fish Processing Facility).
  • Natural Fish Habitat (Zolarg)

    This habitat grows and stores fish for you to use at a later time. Also acts as an small water storage.
  • Fish Converter (Zolarg/Draconian)

    By using an scientific method which determines what raw material is the greatest in the fish, the Fish Converter converts fish into a raw material resource (either ore, gold, aluminum, uranium, oil, wood, regolith or charcoal), in which Ant Paste is used to convert the fish into raw material. The process sometimes creates steel due to the involvement of high power and reverse bioengineering. Looks good!
  • Fish For Years Facility (Draconian)

    The Fish Butchering Facility is where fish are turned into food, but on a much, much larger scale than the Raw Fish Diner. Now your colonists won't have to complain about hunger again!
  • Fish Reserve (Draconian)

    The Fish Reserve is where fish are reserved and also provides said resource over time. Also stores fish, and can act as an entertainment building for the colony. Oddly enough for you, this structure is built by the Enslaved Waterbug.
  • Fish Warehouse (United Earth/LIS)

    The Fish Warehouse is an large building that can store a lot of fish. Requires power and food to operate, because the fish that are stored here need to keep their calm.
  • Fishing Pier (United Earth/LIS)

    This building provides fish for the colony, but must be placed adjacent to water. Stores a small amount of fish for later use.
  • Sea Material Processing Facility (United Earth/LIS)

    The Sea Material Processing Facility transforms fish and salt water into food and water, respectively! An all-around must-have building!
  • Fish Nursery (United Earth/LIS)

    Fish nurseries are a chosen area which young fish can be stored, raised and grown in their natural salt-water habitat! Requires a steady supply of food and water to operate, to keep the fishes healthy and alive.
  • Fish Profit Facility (United Earth/LIS)

    A facility that is used for selling fish onto other worlds, for economic gain in return. Also generates civics from colonial transaction fees.

I also want the Waterbot to be able to build structures, particularly the Hydrogen Reactor, Water Pool and Nuclear Water Synthesis Plant.

That is pretty much it for today! If you have any questions, comments, replies and concerns, please leave a reply below and I will reply to it as swiftly as possible! I will see everyone later!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

I would love to see this stuff in MC2. Great ideas Architecture!
Thank you. Same goes for me.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

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