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Advanced Manufacturing [Pre-Alpha][Overhaul]

Hello everybody! Let me get right to the chase. firstly, this mod will be in pre-alpha meaning it will have nightly updates (hopefully). Secondly, all released files here will be demos, when 1.0 is released it will be done through the mod shop. Thirdly, some things I have ideas for will need to have functionality added to the modding API, so they may take a long time, or never come in the worst case scenario. If so, I will try to come up with a work around. Fourth and hopefully finally, this is a solo project, all assets will be made by myself (OilChan). So with that the quality of assets will be improved before or on 1.0 release.

Alright, with that introduction out of the way, let's us get into the nitty gritty of this mod. Firstly this is an overhaul, meaning there will be a great deal of content added and removed from the base game. Secondly, this will be a more crude, well-rounded and realism flavored mod. To explain further, Food will be harder to produce, and resources will be rarer than they are in the base game. There is a new planet and some returning ones, I'll start of with one civilization or Corporations as I will refer to them as from now on.

Content Ideas:
I will start with worlds:
-Abandoned Planet

Yes, this fan favorite will make an appearance in Advanced Manufacturing, but, wait there's a twist, I will make it from scratch for a whole new experience.

-Brown Dwarf

yes, colonize a brown dwarf, what could possibly go wrong, this gal will have a unique game play style, more on that in a future post though.

-Desert Planet

My favorite world type, it comes with 100% more sand per sand! stuggle against a inhospitable environment, but maybe you can strike a treasure trove of resources?!

-Ice Planet

Those of you who have seen Interstellar will know what's up with this planet, Mann's planet. Rich will ice and uh.. more ice, you'll have a rough start, but I'll tell you what, maybe there will be something cool.

-Lunar Planet

Yes, I know silly name, but just give it chance, its like a moon but planet scale? isn't that just a planet, sure maybe!? It's here and staying!

-Red Planet

Yeah, its just Mars, not much to say though.

-Water Planet

Thankfully the Smokers will not make an appearance unless by popular demand, I shoot down their transit carrier and they're stuck here. How will you handle this tropical nightmare, who knows! not much but water down here :/

Don't have an render because asteroids are hard :/
This gals neither special nor powerful, but they form the backbone of the economy, and with massive industrial capacity, you too, can become a sci-fi captain of industry
-Future worlds to be added here

Other things here!

So, an idea I've been playing with for a while is having multiple starting vehicles/structures. This came to me, because I wanted extra flexibility with starting resources/production. Like having your lander + and Air Condenser or in what im most excited for is Using your lander to call in seed banks for extra seeds at the start of the game (farming is an important feature)(will be done just like how rovers are created but using structure ability like the mobile outpost) just one problem, there is as far as I know, no way to give resources upon build, which would have to be added as I don't want to give seeds as a production, as I want players to be able to purchase seeds as needed.

Artwork: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Alright I've said a lot for today so I'll this post as is for 11/6/23
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