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Build / progress / status bars never appear on my microchip factory, and I never get microchips

#1 2017-10-23 19:20:33
I got two factories. One with 26/26 workers, the other with 3/26 workers. Unlike my other buildings, it

They are activated, and I have plenty of gold in my reserves.

I clicked around and a few other buildings also never show build / progress / status bars underneath either, despite having more than zero workers.

Any ideas?

This is a great game!
#2 2017-10-23 19:27:21
I don't know where to find the policy menu and I don't know how to do a stimulus package. I'm playing on my chromebook. League of Independent States.
#3 2017-10-23 19:32:43
Aha! I don't have the consulate yet. I guess I will have to unlock that.

I have checked for sleeping workers. At any given moment, a few workers are sleeping or resting, but I imagine I should still see the progress bar as long as I have a few workers, right?
#4 2017-10-23 19:58:26
Another thing to check is how much storage you have for them compared to how many microchips you have in storage. If you have reached the storage limit, they will stop producing. This will apply to anything that has a storage limit.
#5 2017-10-24 18:14:50
OK, I still don't have a consulate, but I have like 35,000 gold, 6 workers total, and 2 workers that are currently working, And I have like 1 microchips stored.

Still no progress bar! Would it help if I uploaded my game save file?
#6 2017-10-25 12:06:09
why should anyone want that? LOL. And the Dev doesn't uses online colony because if the risk to ban them...
Its me Lego.
#7 2017-10-25 13:07:42
it looks like everything is covered but the problem still remains. :(

the things I'd check for is
-are they happy? "On a scale from one to zero" - Bo Burnham
if not make sure near their housing there is entertainment,pubs/internet booths,green domes and hospitals.
happy health colonists are the best workers.

if that still doesn't work I'd save and reload...sometimes that works.

since it has been mentioned that a consulate hasn't been constructed I can guess they might be slightly unhappy with the standard low pay. hopefully you can create the amount needed so you can give a slighty rise to the default pay
#8 2017-10-28 19:44:23
I closed the game and reopened it a few times, and then everything started working.
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