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How to install mods?

there is a VERY hard to get around forum here for downloading texture mods but no info as to how to actually install them. i've found my colony's folders in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps section but theirs nowhere that indicates thats where you put the mods or what im supposed to do with them.
Download the files where ever you want to store them
Open the game
From the first screen chose "More Options" to open the side menu.
Mash "Modding"
Mash "Import Texture Mod"
Find your mod. This will store a copy where it needs to go and should activate it. You can deactivate and switch back and forth from this menu.

All of this requires a premium license.
ah that's why i couldn't find it xD i was looking at the options while ingame not on the main menu, but still on this forum you can only download the mods if you create an account doesn't work if not logged in which is odd. thank you though :D
I’m on iOS and I’m wondering if it apples to iOS?
Where can i download a mod?
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