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[FFF] Valhalla, Home of Legends

Valhalla is always open for those who show great promise and will not give up! I am accepting all requests for annexation and have a public access commonwealth, so long as you join into our discord channel, which opens a whole world of possibilities for you.

I am able to send gifts to all those who ask and am still growing my supply chain.

Join Valhalla to get a great opportunity at furthering yourself in one of the greatest communities to grace us!

Accepting all annexation requests!
Accepting all embassies!


Charter code: k5Th6sZP
Woohoo Welcome back buddy!
I'm glad to be back Nunez!
Oh and I've sent you some diplomats! Hopefully they show your people how we roll;)
Newly updated and revised!
Many new members have arrived in Valhalla. Should they respond here or join the discord channel they can receive a starting package based on where there population is at. No specific numbers to be given as it is me thanking you for being active! Keep up the good work everyone!
Is Thor with you?
He is of on a diplomatic mission of destroying our enemies ATM.
My Colony

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