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WIN10 Store version: Bug Bounty

#1 2017-10-29 19:12:07
I have to report some serious issues with windows10 store version.

1. Whenever i click on a message, i my whole screen turns black for a few milliseconds.
Steps to reproduce:
-Recieve a message
-click on it
->screen turns black first time
-click on the message
->screen turns black second time
Expected result: You should be able to click on nevermind to go back to the game
Actual result: it takes a minute or more to click on nevermind and if you do this, the screen turns black another time, even if the app isnt fullscreen

2. It isnt possible to make a backup
Steps to reproduce:
-go to main menu -> game data -> backup game file
-try to click on one of the save games
Expected result: You can choose the one you want to see and backup it
Actual result: The app stops working, nothing can be done.
Need to close app wia task manage.
one thing that might be necessary: one of your game file needs more then 15 characters.

3. Saving takes hours. My main has nearly 3m population and veeery many buidlings, the sub i play has 1,5m and a small amount of buildings, not more then 10k

It takes 15m to save this fricking colony, my main saves in 4 minutes and a few seconds.

That was it!
Its me Lego.
#2 2017-11-16 15:59:12
it is closing the game and not resetting the gifts and messages
#3 2017-11-17 06:51:19
Its me Lego.
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