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Ability to Kick out embassy

#1 2017-11-01 17:30:41
I hate getting spammed by colony's
and when it is a sub the solution is kick them out .
But I see no way to do that with embassy's .
Why the programmer felt the need for us to know every time a colony kills a colonists or denounces a colony I cant Immange ?
Every sing time they do it all colony's they have or have embassys with get a message they did .
Some of these kids spam things so and so denounced so and so 100 times .
totally filling up the game screen even using x cant get ride of it only a reload does it .
You want every one to see every time a colony does it fine but we need a way to kick out the ones that spam .
#2 2017-11-01 18:28:49
Yes, that's a good idea. But, we could also do well with an option to just "ignore" a certain colony. You can select it at that person's embassy. The option would silence any screen notifications coming from then, but you would still be able to communicate with them via mail and send and receive gifts.

We should also have the ability to kick out an embassy like Colbya said, but if you have an ally that makes a lot of profitable trades with you but still fills your screen with notifications, you don't want to kick them out because they are willing to trade with you, so you should just ignore them from their embassy and you will still be able to trade with them without the notifications.

You will need to make another post with a poll so that this feature can be added. Include the "ignore" option as well to see how people like it.
Edited by Amorphus on 2017-11-01 18:29:45
#3 2017-11-01 20:24:30
I am not talking about trade offers .
The embassy I have spammed Denounce so and so over and over spammed the game so bad I had no choice left but to reload .
I have had this kind of thing happen before I really wish just once the programmer would get someone doing it to him grate he would change the game quick then .

Why did he even make it possible to spam anyway ?
Kids will be kids we all know this .
setting up the game to alow spam ??
Edited by colbya on 2017-11-01 20:26:05
#4 2017-11-01 20:50:00
Really Colbya? I just handed you an idea of how to fix the problem by ignoring a colony's spam and you turn around and grill bast as if he meant to put that feature in the game for it to be spammed.

Listen KID, if it weren't for bast, we wouldn't have a game like this to play in the mobile app store. The only thing that would be in the app store would be crappy pay-to-play IAP games that make you wait hours to build a single building. So you should be thanking bast instead of being the ungrateful brat that you are. You're right about one thing, kids will be kids.
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