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Colonists going out of their way, settling in far-away residences

In an attempt to squash my colonists' fatigue, I've provided appropriate number of jobs within tested radius of residences, with no overlaps (shortest distance from residence via geometry). Lots of fire drills. It always results in colonists going out of their way to get >20 commute distance, despite availability.

Am I alone in this? Did everyone else just not bother trying to perfect the Top Citizen Concerns?

Win10, native client
Ho-boy... you have hit upon the thing I find most irritating about the colonists. Even if you build perfectly good work beside their residences they still opt for the job further down. They truly deserve the 75 IQ average.
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haha... I am new in playing my colony and experience that to... and my colonist are always protesting from then and now... is anybody there who can answer how

I build houses at first and make jobs appropriate for their count near then when they were all employed I do the same thing near that place and as goes... then when I built my consulate, WTF, not too long many of my colonist just protested.. I wish I could execute them one by one but nope I don't
I turn off colonists rendering so I don't see them. And I ignore the colonists concerns pie chart unless my approval drops below 90%.
Where do you see that colonists protest?
Jclark6544 said:I turn off colonists rendering so I don't see them. And I ignore the colonists concerns pie chart unless my approval drops below 90%.

True. I don't turn the rendering off though since I like seeing them walk and them go idle all of a sudden. I make it a point to have 95% approval rating in the concerns pie chart.
nonobosss said:Where do you see that colonists protest?
If you have an embassy of some sort (depends on the map you are playing but do check the buildings under Government), you will see them walking around the building. If you do not have that building yet, they will wander around. You just need to click on the colonist and see if the pop up show either Idel, Moving, Wandering or Protesting.
My colonists protest but IDK why my approval rating is above 97% should I be worried? Their health and energy is low even though I have provided 7 large medical clinics and many smaller ones for them. I put their jobs close to them but they seem to just really want to work far away from home :l What should I do>?
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