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artificially produce the regolith

in my world march I have found that the only way to get regolith and buy it is very expensive and I thought about a synthesis lab that would use the ore to make regolith and it would have a cost of 4500 charcoal and would be unlocked with advanced research chemistry and with 1 million o2 and unlike other labs it would have a gray color
Now it would be great to have yes but it defeats the purpose of having planet specific resources if everyone is able to make it themselves.
I agree with Thrimian, if every planet and every faction can make every resource then there would be no reason to have options for different planets/factions
I agree with thrimian and jclarke. If you need the money, sell some alu or ura and you should have enough money to by enough regolith to last a long time. Remember, power towers only sip he3 so even 1k he3 would last a while if you have one tower.
I agree.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
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