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Anyone remember when?

We didn't get constant updates but the game actually worked? Those were good times.
I started around 0.41.0 or so... So far I think the updates are great and I look forward to see what's added next. If new content was never added, I'm not sure how many current players would stick around...
The game has always been like this. Some updates work fine for some and not for others. I can't remember ever being a time when nobody complained about some bug. That's why we always say it's a beta game, eventhough it isn't.
I just want more aluminum and a fame that doesn't crash!!!
It won't be as bad once most of the engine updates are finished. Remember, Bast is creating a game engine from the ground up and is constantly trying to improve it. I remember way back in the day (version 0.18.0) you couldn't build a whole lot of buildings as quickly as you can now because it maxed out at like 10 rovers being able to even contribute.
Every game has its bugs, especially when new features and content are added. That should be expected.
Sure would be nice if the game would save though.
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